Kobo vs Kindle vs Nook

This is a bit different than my other reviews, because this time I’m focusing on more than just a piece of simple equipment. Once you start adding bits and bytes, platforms and “software ecosystems”, you seem to leave behind the cut-and-dried world of “does it work”. Or do you?

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Teton Sports Oasis 1200

Today I’m finally doing a gear review for one of my all-time favorite pieces of go-anywhere gear. The Teton Sports Oasis 1200. Versatile, light, and cheap, this review will cover the highs (and some lows) of this useful daypack.

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Backcountry Backpack Shootout

This shootout is between two up and coming outdoors gear companies – Black’s Creek, and Teton Sports. Both make excellent gear that’s worth checking out – but if you are looking at a mid-size back-country pack that will really earn its keep in that coveted 3,000 CI/60 Litre range, which is best? Continue reading “Backcountry Backpack Shootout”